Our Story

I design and make silver jewellery by hand in my studio in Montreal. Graceful, delicate pieces, that are beautiful to wear and easy for you to collect. In order to make this wearable art, I combine luxurious materials with whimsical designs and I craft each piece to last a lifetime.


Each of the collections features compelling rings, pendents and earrings with delicate textures, and captivating clean lines. With a commitment to sustainability, all pieces are locally made from responsibly sourced 925 Sterling Silver.


Every Cynabijoux piece has a history and I design each collection with the intention of creating pieces that can be passed down through generations, with minimal waste and minimal carbon footprint. Using traditional silver smithing techniques, I make artisanal jewellery to be worn, collected and enjoyed. I am also committed to a high standard, creating jewellery that is distinctive but also durable and timeless.